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What to do When Dell Latitude Internal Microphone Isn't Working?

The Dell Latitude laptop includes an internal microphone which is used for webcam, speech recognition and audio recordings. Basically, it is an important segment of a laptop and affects a daily life of a user if a microphone suddenly stops to work; it is likely a configuration with your software or with the operating system. Now you are more likely to be a spectator or call an expert who will lookout the issue and guide you in a perfect way so that you can resolve the issue. The decision is up to you.

To resolve the issue, you can pursue these steps.

  • Update the Driver: Very first you are supposed to solve the common error and which include the software update. Make sure the driver is up to date and the internal microphone on your laptop is not an exception.

    Uninstall the driver and reboot your system to reinstall the driver again. Select the start tab and search for Device Manager.

    Click on the result and select the audio driver under the Sound, Video and Game controllers and then click on Uninstall.

    Restart your device after this process.
  • Microphone level: The microphone may not work when its audio level is too low and also make sure that the microphone is not muted.
    Navigate the Sound Window and double-click on the Microphone to open the properties.

    Navigate the Sound Window and double-click on the Microphone to open the properties.

    Then select the Level option recent window and if the speaker displays a red circle it means the microphone is muted and to unmute it drag the lever upward to increase the sound level.
  • External Microphone: if you try harder and nothing good happens then there is only two options left the first is buy an external microphone. The Dell Latitude laptops offer a dedicated microphone jack at the right side of the device.
  • Dell Support: and the second option is Dell Technical Support. If your device is under the warranty period then you can easily avail the support service at free of cost, the company will be able to repair or replace the laptop.

We are the independent third-party company, who use to provide tech solutions. If you are dealing with an issue and your device has crossed the warranty period, You contact at Dell Support and take an expert advice without spending any penny.