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How to stop overheating of Dell laptop?

With the advancement of technology, laptops have become much more compact and powerful from before. But the heating of the computers is not rectified. It has reduced tremendously but still the overheating of laptop is scary. Yet, we can prevent it by taking some measures. Some of the measures that can be used to prevent the overheating of it are given in the article. The main cause of this issue arises when the fan on the bottom is blocked so the hard drive fails in no time.

Some of the methods that will help in maintaining the laptop cool are:

  • Elevation of the laptop: You can place a book or something uneven under the battery of your laptop so the air under it does not get trapped and become hot. The circulation of the air will be well ventilated so it will remain cool and resulting into cooler laptop.
  • Placing a laptop cooling mat: there are many types of cooling pads available for laptops. Some comprise of a stand that even helps in elevating it while the others have fans attached beneath them for extra cooling.
    If you are not in favor of buying a cooling pad then make sure to place the laptop on a hard surface rather than soft one like bed, sofa, carpet or quilt. This is because the vents in the bottom of the it get blocked, further blocking the airflow to an extent that it may catch fire.
  • Make sure the environment around the laptop is cool. If possible, keep the system in air-conditioned environment.
  • Get program software that keeps a track of the temperature of the system.
  • Do not overclock or underclock the sytem. However, if you overlocked it once then you need to underclock it once too.
  • High brightness of the system may also make the system hot so try and keep it low.

These were some of the tips and measures that you can take to keep your Dell cool. If you want more then please contact our Dell Support number +1800-958-211 .our experts and professionals will brief you about anything and everything that you want to ask about your Dell laptop.