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How to Find the Serial Number on a Dell Latitude Laptop?

If you do not know where to find the serial number of your Dell laptop then finding it will be a tough job for you because laptops have multiple tags with different codes. Mostly the serial number label of a Dell laptop is located on the bottom of the laptop. The serial number is not only identifies the laptop but also it is the proof of ownership. If you also want the serial number of your Dell then checkout the given steps:

  • Turn off your Dell laptop and shut it down.
  • When it is completely turned off then close the screen of the laptop.
  • After closing the screen, flip the laptop over.
  • Find the serial number on it. The serial number also known as the service tag is a five to seven character code that has both numbers and letters. It will be located as a tag in the middle back of the laptop on a thin white strip.
  • Make yourself confirmed that it is surely the serial number as it will also have the phrase of ‘Service tag’.

The steps listed above will surely do the job of finding the serial number of your Dell laptop but in case you are confused with the different tags or the tag is damaged then you can always look forward to seek help from us. We are technical support company operating in a 24/7 environment and composed of industry experts with immense and valuable technical experience to handle technical setbacks with our meticulous online technical support. So, feel free to contact us on Dell support number +1800-958-211 .if you have any further query. We will be glad to serve you and will provide you the best in class service.