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Tips to boost up the speed of your Dell Laptop

Since Dell laptops are very proficient and effective, they are widely loved and used globally. However as the laptop grows old it is no surprise that it can develop some issues and glitches in it. Most people have faced the problem of slow performance in these laptops over time; which is, to tell to truth can be cured to some extent. We have procured some tips from the professionals at Dell Tech Support to accommodate you in the task of troubleshooting. If you are interested to know, then please proceed below.

Tip 1: Clean up your disc

It is know, the less data you have in your hard disc the much easier it is for your Operating system to manage it. This is how you do it:

  • Open the My computer in your laptop.
  • Now right click on any local disc which you want to clear.
  • Open its properties and then select disc clean up.
  • Here the system will collect all the temporary data from the disc; once it’s done select the files which are to be removed and then press OK.

Tip 2: Launch Disc Defragmenter

  • Navigate to start menu > Search Box
  • Now enter “DFRGUI” to launch this utility
  • Choose the hard disc(s) you want to defragment
  • Select Defragment Disc to start the process

Tip 3: Use Virtual memory

  • Go to control panel > system & security > system
  • Now select advanced system settings > settings > advanced >change
  • Choose the hard disc for which you want to change virtual memory; then choose Custom size. Now make changes according to your preferences and then click OK.

Tip 4: Remove unnecessary applications

Stop optional applications from starting with your system automatically.
We hope these tips will help you. Moreover you can contact Dell Customer Support for further assistance with the process of troubleshooting such problem.