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How Do I Fix The Blue Screen Of Death In Dell Laptop?

Just imagine you are going to do an important task on your laptop and when you turn it on, it shows a blue screen, also known as blue screen of death. What will you do the next? There are various reasons for this problem but luckily we have got the easiest solution for you.


  • Read the messages that appear on the screen. It may show an error message or what exactly the problem is. If it suggests you to restart the system then, do this first. Use the keyboard arrow button to reach to the correct option and hit Enter key. If the PC starts successfully then the problem is resolved. If not, move to the next step.
  • Start the Windows in Safe Mode. This can be done by turning on the computer and pressing F8 key just after the Acer logo appears on the screen. Go to Advanced Boot Options menu and select Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking using arrow buttons on the keyboard. Hit Enter. Wait for some time to let the process done. If it works, reboot the system normally. If it still shows blue screen, again boot it into safe mode. Insert your Windows O.S disc and select Repair option to permit the PC to fix the corrupted O.S.
  • Perform the full restore of your system. Turn it off and press F10 key during startup. You will move to the Windows recovery program, choose a partial recovery first. If this works, then the user will have access to some files and programs and if it doesn’t work then choose a full recovery. But, the user will lose all the data on the system while doing this process.

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